. Indicators  : S.1 F.1.2.3

 F 1.1 : Understanding of and capacity to interpret what has been heard and read from various types of media, and ability to express opinions with proper reasoning.

F 1.2 : Endowment with language communication skills exchange of data and information; efficient expression of feelings and opinions. 

F 1.3 : Ability to present data, information, concepts and views about various matters through speaking and writing.

  1. Concept :

Irregular Verbs are common verbs in the English language that do not follow the simple system of adding “d” or “ed” to the end of the word to form the past participles. That means the spellings can be a little tricky. Some irregular verbs (Past Participle) follow patterns, such as drink–drunk, spring–sprung, know-known, and blow-blown but you can’t use those patterns with predictability. Unfortunately, learning irregular verbs (Past Participle) means memorization.

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